Making A Delicious Summer Pudding

Summer Gift – Take 5 Minutes to Make Delicious British Summer Pudding

I used to spend quite a few summers in the UK and they served something called “Summer Pudding” in every pub and restaurant.

Twenty years later, I looked for the recipe – no luck. Then I met a new friend named Melanie from Scotland and she sent me the recipe from her local paper and now I make it all the time.

When my daughter was pregnant, it was the old thing she wanted to eat and it contains no dairy, just bread and berries…I am making it today using blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. It takes a few minutes and it was delicious.

Summer Pudding:

1 small loaf of white bread, preferably with fiber, crusts trimmed off
2-3 lbs of mixed red summer berries (strawberries, blueberies, blackberries, etc.)
1 cup of sugar or stevia, splenda or any other sweetner

1. Wash berries

2. Take bread and cut it into 4” finger-size pieces.

2. Line a pretty glass bowl with clear plastic wrap.

3. Combine sugar and berries in a large saute pan on the stove under medium heat.

4. As the berries warm and sugar melts, a berry liquid is created.

5. Dip the bread slice in the berry liquid and use it to line the bowl, on top of plastic wrap.
              (Make a pretty, overlapping pattern, if you want to)

6. Reserve a few slices for the top of the pudding.

7. Take berries and put them in the bread-lined bowl

8. Add extra slices to the top to totally seal in the berries.

9. Put a small saucer on top of the pudding and weight it down with a heavy can, or
                 I use ½ of a brick.

10. Leave in Refrigerator overnight.

11. Tomorrow – Invert upside down and slice into pudding wedges.

Garnish with a few whole berries and mint leaves!

About GetHealthy&Happier

I'm your basic California health nut, aging baby boomer, relegated to south Florida, taking my California values with me including vegetarian-vegan lifestyle; animal rights advocate; beagle owner; Edgar Cayce fan; fresh juice fanatic; lost 75 pounds in the last 2 years; water aerobics/water yoga exerciser; musician, dancer, your basic happy person -- just healthier!
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