Pixie’s Story – The Little Beagle that Could!

This is a story about a tiny, fat, beagle who had a wonderful life in spite of terrible circumstances.  I found Pixie at  BREW Beagle Rescue, Education and Welfare  in northern Virginia (check out their web site at http://www.brewbeagles.org). 

Pixie was a special beagle because she was already old when I met her.  She had been the most expensive that BREW had ever had, because she only weighed 8 pounds when they found her starving in the woods.  She was on the small size in stature, too, but what she lacked in size, she made up in ATTITUDE.

She had heartworm,  so she had to undergo heartworm treatment, which damaged her lungs and left her with COPD (Chronic Pulmonary problems), and she often had trouble breathing.

She was about 17 pounds when I adopted her and she quickly got up to 25 pounds because she had starved before, and like Scarlett O’Hara, had vowed never to be hungry again!

My son, Michael, picked her up at Beagle Rescue and brought her home to me. The next morning, I took my three beagles out for an early morning walk, and Pixie slipped her collar and escaped.  I was panicked, but BREW rounded up volunteers, and within 2 hours they were at my house with posters and a team of searchers.  I live in the suburbs in Maryland and my house backs up to a golf course.

So the searchers are looking for her on the golf course area, and I was posting LOST BEAGLE signs on the light standards, when I look up and see a fat squirrel running right down the middle of the street.  And there was Pixie, right after him, I guess he looked a lot like breakfast!

I called her and she jumped right up into my arms, so instead of being sad, we had a found beagle breakfast party at my house.

Pixie had really big brown pleading eyes, and a way of dancing back and forth when she wanted something.  I was having some work done on the house at the time, so the handyman fell in love with Pixie, and, unknown to me, she had managed to communicate how underfed she was, so he was buying hot dogs to feed her! 

How smart was Pixie?  I would toss out to some dog treats on the floor of the family room and my other two beagles would run over, get a treat, and eat it, then go back for more.  NOT PIXIE!  She ran over and stuffed as many treats as she could in her mouth, and then went over to her dog bed and spit them all out, tucked them under her tummy, and spent the next hour leisurely eating,  while the other 2 dogs were trying to figure out where all the treats went.

She also managed to catch three grown squirrels, kill them and bring them in thru the dog door one at a time.  She left one under my pillow – in case I got hungry in the middle of the night!   Pixie – we all miss you every day!

There will never be another Pixie!  Hey – why don’t you adopt a beagle?

About GetHealthy&Happier

I'm your basic California health nut, aging baby boomer, relegated to south Florida, taking my California values with me including vegetarian-vegan lifestyle; animal rights advocate; beagle owner; Edgar Cayce fan; fresh juice fanatic; lost 75 pounds in the last 2 years; water aerobics/water yoga exerciser; musician, dancer, your basic happy person -- just healthier!
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1 Response to Pixie’s Story – The Little Beagle that Could!

  1. Bob Leonard says:

    Wonderful story, Caroline. Pixie sounds like a real character, and very smart. I never met a dog (or a dog person) I didn’t like. I adopted Buster. He’s a Bagel (half Beagle and half Bassett Hound). He’s a good boy MOST of the time. Makes me laugh every day.

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