The Secret to Enjoying the Holidays

The same holidays come around every year and they always involve vast quantities of cookies and other seasonal indulgences.  They evoke memories of childhood, which can be wonderful or terrifying depending mostly on your own parents or spouses behavior.

Here’s my own list and what SHOULD be IN or OUT for the holiday season


Drinking too much alcohol that wipes out a whole year of healthy eating.
Obsessing over Gift Giving
Forgetting to be thankful for every moment with friends and family
Eating unhealthy food, just because it’s there.
Not taking advantage of extra time off to exercise


Playing music and Singing Holidays Songs with friends.
Making sure every stray dog and cat are in a safe, warm shelter.
Practicing Random Acts of Kindness to strangers which is good for them,
   and for YOU.
Taking advantage of family dinners to share what you have learned about
   healthy, vegetarian or vegan eating.
Upping your workout now, before the New Year Begins
Reveling in the joy of the PRESENT MOMENT, instead of worrying about
    what happened last year, last month or even 20 years ago – YOU ARE
    RIGHT HERE NOW – enjoy the NOW.

Thanks to all my subscribers who have shared 2011 with me.  I am grateful
for you this year.

                                                 — Caroline

About GetHealthy&Happier

I'm your basic California health nut, aging baby boomer, relegated to south Florida, taking my California values with me including vegetarian-vegan lifestyle; animal rights advocate; beagle owner; Edgar Cayce fan; fresh juice fanatic; lost 75 pounds in the last 2 years; water aerobics/water yoga exerciser; musician, dancer, your basic happy person -- just healthier!
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