Vegan or Vegetarian? Help – I’m conflicted

Other people might also have the same conflicts and have to make difficult decisions three times a day – whenever they eat!

As an animal lover since I was two, owner of many dogs, three house rabbits,
 a horse, 8 cats, a small parrot, ducks, turkeys and chickens (and I don’t live on a farm), I don’t eat any meat for ethical reasons.  A slight reference to rabbit fur will make leave a store.  I would open my veins before I would eat lamb…

But yogurt is a tougher choice.  I tried to go vegan and there were several things that were most difficult for me.  Yogurt was the first.  I even put the question out on Twitter about good alternatives, and never got any responses. 

Next I went to the health food store and tried each brand of yogurt.  They didn’t do it for me.  The thick Greek yogurt is my favorite treat.  

I have banned milk, except for almond milk.  I have banned eggs, but find it very limiting when baking my oatmeal bars, or even missing my egg white omelets.  So on my trade-off bar, and I am banning milk and eggs and keeping yogurt!

Other tradeoffs I made were:

1.  Quit using splenda and using agave instead

2.  Quit using ½ and ½ and creamer and using So Delicious coconut instead.

3.  Quit most soy because I hate the thought of genetically-modified soy.

4.   Traded butter for coconut oil.

 In the KEEP column:

1.  I kept fresh fruit/veggie juice which I make twice a week in great quantities.

2.  Kept Ezekiel bread and whole wheat pasta.

3.  Kept all nuts and dried fruit, while patiently waiting for Trader Joe’s
     to come down to south Florida.

 I am a person who constantly re-analyzes these decisions so this week I am
solid vegetarian (for the yogurt), but trying to be vegan in everything else.

Along the way, I have lost another 10 pounds since Thanksgiving so I am encouraged and will keep up my good choices!

About GetHealthy&Happier

I'm your basic California health nut, aging baby boomer, relegated to south Florida, taking my California values with me including vegetarian-vegan lifestyle; animal rights advocate; beagle owner; Edgar Cayce fan; fresh juice fanatic; lost 75 pounds in the last 2 years; water aerobics/water yoga exerciser; musician, dancer, your basic happy person -- just healthier!
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