The War on Women (and Children) Continues

The war on women and children continued yesterday afternoon, when Josh Powell decided to kill his two young children and himself by blowing up his father’s house into a giant fireball with the two little boys inside.

This is one of those stories that stayed with me over several years.  I remember when I saw that Josh Powell’s wife, Susan, had gone missing in Utah.   But he didn’t seem to miss her, didn’t seem to be looking for her, he just seemed relieved that he now had the children to himself.

The tragedy of this story is that not only did he kill Susan and was never arrested, but that he has destroyed these two little lives, and the lives of Susan’s entire family – forever.  As a grandparent myself, I can only imagine the grief that Susan’s parents are now feeling.

First their beautiful daughter disappears, then there is NO ARREST.  Then they gain custody of the boys and just as they are finally getting adjusted to life as parents again, this tragedy occurs and if I was them, I would wish that I was in that house with them.

I don’t think that the grief of losing your child AND your grandchildren is something you can easily get over.

And there is blame — for the police in Salt Lake City, why didn’t they arrest Josh Powell, when Susan was first missing?  He had no alibi, days of suspicious behavior, but apparently the police were too busy giving out traffic tickets to get this monster behind bars.

So tonight, the lives of two little boys are lost because of their inaction.  Not something I’d like to live with, but representative of how easy it is for an incompetent, crazed husband to destroy and kill his entire family.   The war on women and children continues in Utah tonight.

Here are additional links with details:

Here are some websites relevant to the Powell case:!/pages/The-Susan-Cox-Powell-Foundation/235316293180751?sk=wall&filter=1

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