How to Love Yourself More

I think everyone needs to love and value themselves more.  Whether you are a young nurse, an unemployed 60-year old man, or a 14 year old girl; a mom, a dad, a grandmother or anyone else, the more you love and care for yourself, the happier you, and by extension, everyone around you, will be.

I remember in California in the 80’s that one of the assemblymen had a law passed about legislating self-esteem,  the “California Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem and Personal and Social Responsibility, chaired by  California State Assembly member John Vasconcellos.  It created a curriculum in the schools to teach and encourage self-esteem and, of course,  it was widely ridiculed in states east of California.

But self-esteem is really all we have left to ourselves.  The people around us, the ones we love, the ones we work with, the other mothers at the PTA, often try to influence us about what our actual value is.  Do we work hard enough?  Are we polite?  Do we keep a clean house?  Do we look handsome, pretty, cute, sexy?

These external judgements can only be stopped short by strong personal self-esteem that says, “Self, you are beautiful, smart, hard-working and a generally wonderful person”.   Now repeat that Mantra 6 times a day for the rest of your life.

The best way to build in self-esteem from the beginning is to tell our small children that THEY are handsome, beautiful, smart, brilliant, fun, and wonderful in every way.

A child, or adult with high self-esteem, may be less likely to marry the wrong person, join a violent gang, be envious of other’s achievements, be lazy, let themselves by bullied by classmates, or tolerate mental or physical abuse by spouses.

One of the best things you can do to elevate your own self esteem is to write down a list of the FIVE BEST THINGS ABOUT ME.  Keep the list by your bed and read every night before you go to sleep and every morning before you wake up.

Hey – you’re worth it!


About GetHealthy&Happier

I'm your basic California health nut, aging baby boomer, relegated to south Florida, taking my California values with me including vegetarian-vegan lifestyle; animal rights advocate; beagle owner; Edgar Cayce fan; fresh juice fanatic; lost 75 pounds in the last 2 years; water aerobics/water yoga exerciser; musician, dancer, your basic happy person -- just healthier!
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  1. You are right on target, Carol. Thank you!

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