Great Easy New Breakfast Oatmeal Pudding You can Make in Advance!

I found a wonderful recipe on the web this week, at for “Overnight Oatmeal”.   It is an oatmeal recipe that you can make in advance, I just made some last night, and now I have it in the frig, and I can eat it every morning this week.

The basic recipe is really easy, just plain old-fashioned oats, with milk, yogurt, chia seeds, and fruit.   The original recipe used mason jars, but I used plastic containers, and
I forget the chia seeds, but it turned out great anyway.

I also used Almond Milk instead of cow’s milk!

(The best recipes can survive a missing ingredient!   I tried this recipe yesterday with mangos and coconut adding the flavoring for 2 servings, and then strawberries and coconut adding the flavor for 2 more servings.  AND YES, I DO ADD COCONUT TO ALMOST EVERYTHING!)

Here’s the basic recipe for you to enjoy with me:



  • 1/4 cup uncooked old fashioned oats
  • 1/3 cup skim milk
  • 1/4 cup low-fat Greek yogurt
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons dried chia seeds
  • 1/4 teaspoon almond extract
  • 1 teaspoon honey, optional (or substitute any preferred sweetener)
  • 1/4 cup diced mango (approx. half of a small mango)


In a half pint jar or container, add oats, milk, yogurt, chia seeds, almond extract and honey. Put lid on jar and shake until well combined. Add mangoes and stir with fork until mixed throughout. Return lid to jar and refrigerate overnight or up to 4 days. Eat chilled.

There are endless variations, and you can substitute almost any fruit and any flavors.

Use Google to search on “Overnight Oatmeal”, and you’ll find a whole bunch of variations!

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Can you Use a Beagle as a Fitness Device?

I decided to use my two beagles, Roxy and Kerry as my fitness devices.  Here’s why they work so well in this capacity:

1.  They are very demanding and have a great sense of time.   This means that if I want to sleep in on Saturday instead of going for a walk – I can’t.  They jump up on the bed at 7:00 am and remind me, TIME TO WAKE UP and go for a walk.

2.  They can run for miles.   A vet friend once told me, you can’t wear out a beagle. The vet was right.  Kerry, especially, can walk and jog for 6 miles and then look at me like, “Why are you stopping?  I could keep this up for another 10 miles”.

3.  They keep you on a regular bedtime.  Think of the morning routine in reverse.
Now I’m sitting in the family room working away on my laptop and it’s 11:30pm. Roxy knows it’s past her bedtime, so can starts walking back and forth from where I’m sitting toward the bedroom.  She can do this 10 times, OR MORE, until I get the hint, turn off the laptop and head to bed.

4.  They appreciate yoga.   My beagles get so excited when they see the yoga mats come out. They know it’s going to generate some negative ions, or maybe they just like the scented candles, so they lay down on the bed to enjoy watching me twisting and sweating, while they drop into a deep REM sleep, often with snoring.

I highly recommend beagles as fitness props, fitness devices, best friends and bed warmers.   If you’d like to add a beagle to your fitness routine, you can start at

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Tasting the Salt — Arggggggggggg

I really try to use as little salt as possible, most of the time that is none at all.

Being extra careful in Chinese and Thai restaurants is second nature to me now.  In fact,
I had too much soy sauce in sushi at Christmas and I almost passed out……. but now that I think back, maybe it was that hot chili sauce I put on my rice.

It was so bad I had to go outside, and it was only 35 degrees, and lay my cheek down
on the cold sidewalk so I wouldn’t faint.

This is just coming up again because I sort of overdid it on the fresh artichokes, and, of course, I didn’t want to eat mayonnaise or butter, so I just dusted them with salt and pepper and fresh lemon juice, and they were delicious….. but now I can taste the salt!

I can almost feel my cells contracting and shrinking away from the salt.  I won’t make that mistake again.  I’m going out tomorrow to buy some SPIKE!

Salt is really terrible for you.  It thickens your blood and increases your blood pressure, too.  It makes you retain water.  And you only need 500 mg per day instead of the 3000 to 5000 mg most people get.

So check how much salt you’re getting.  It’s probably a little too much.

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Stay on Track by Posting Best Food Choices on the Frig!

I am trying to hard to stay on track with my fitness, my yoga, my walking/jogging and with my healthy eating!

However, while the mind is willing, sometimes the stomach is weak!  So I decided to post a list of healthy things that I actually LOVE TO EAT — right on the refrigerator, so when I come back hungry and tired, I don’t have to turn on my brain and dream up some healthy food combination.  I can just review the posted list, and make it easy to stay on my program.

Everyone’s list is different.  I am trying to stay 100% vegetarian, with almost no dairy, but sometimes I do have a little chicken, or fish, but on MY refrigerator – it’s all about me, just
like on YOUR refrigerator – it’s all about you!

TO THE FRONT OF THE REFRIGERATOR!!   I also use it for shopping trips, to
make sure I have the right ingredients on hand!

Corn & Veggie Salads
Veggie-Cheese Enchiladas (carrots, onions, broccoli)
Burritos with Roasted or Stir-Fry Veggies
Black Beans & Brown Rice
3 Bean Salad
Fresh Pasta Salad
Fresh Potato Salad
Fruit Salad
Steamed Broccoli with Lemon
Soba or Udon Noodles with Veggies
Veggie Lasagna
Summer Pudding
Sweet Potatoes – in all forms
Roasted Veggies
Berries and/or Apples in Phyllo Dough
Cucumber Sandwiches on Ezkiel Bread
Hummus with Pita
Veggie Burgers on Ezekiel Rolls
Shakes with Frozen Bananas
Potato-Leek Soup
Oatmeal with lots of Coconut & Dried Fruit
Almond-Coconut Milk
Grilled Ezekiel Bread Sandwiches

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Why Artichokes Should Be One of Your Favorite Vegetables!

Everyone knows about artichoke hearts that come in brine in little jars in the Italian section of the grocery store.  But did you know that artichokes are easy to cook up in a microwave and they have several wonderful qualities:

1.  They are easy to cook in a microwave

2.  They are full of vitamins,  minerals AND fiber and potassium. They are also
antioxidents and anti-aging and may prevent strokes!

3.  They are fun to eat, full of fiber, and make great snack food.

I used to visit my wonderful sister, Linda, in Half Moon Bay in northern
California and we used to go down in the artichoke fields and get fresh artichokes to take home.

The local yuppie restaurants featured a delicious Cream of Artichoke Soup!  amazing and very warm after a cold, damp day of picking artichokes and watching seals on the beach at Anos Nueves State Park!

The long way to cook an artichoke is to steam it for 45 minutes in a big pot, but that is too long, and too hard…. so here’s how to cook an artichoke in a microwave (also works for corn on the cob and almost any other vegetable!

Take 1 or more Artichokes, wrap each one in a wet paper towel.

Put them right into the microwave and cook for about 12 minutes.

DONE!   Now you can put them on big plates and pull off the leaves and eat them one at a time.  YOU CAN SPEND TWO HOURS EATING THREE BIG ARTICHOKES.  I know because I have done it!

To make it easiest, just sprinkle with fresh lemon juice and salt & pepper.

Fancier:  dip the meaty part of the leaves in mayo or vegannaise or lemon butter!

At the end, when you have eaten all the leaves, cut out the heart (just scrape off the purple thin thistles), and eat the heart of the artichoke, or save it for later.  You can also eat the entire stem, which I also like to dip in lemon butter.

Artichokes are great, and freshest in the Spring!!   Now run out and buy a few artichokes!

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The Weekly Juice Journal

Last night was the night to make juice up for the week ahead.   I love having a big glass of fresh juice before I go out on my endorphin-producing walks/jogs.

Here’s my juice combinations for the week, which I had all juiced and refrigerated by 11:15 pm last night.  And I even cleaned up my juicer before I went to bed!

(If you haven’t seen it before, I got hooked on juicing by watching that great video, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, by Joe Cross.   It inspired me to get in shape, start jogging, and I have lost about 35 pounds since last June, 2011, when I started.)  Download the movie right away if you haven’t seen it already…

I had a fresh pineapple last night, so in addition to my usual combos:

Orange-carrot-celery-grapefruit Juice.

Strawberry-grapefruit-golden beet juice.

Carrot-Celery Apple Juice.

I added:  Grapefruit-Pineapple-Carrot Juice

and Pineapple-Red Pepper and Apple Juice.

I love Grapefruit and Carrots and could just live on that juice, but I enjoy mixing the veggies and fruit together to make ever more exciting combinations.   Fresh red bell pappers make the juice taste “energetic”.  Adding papaya makes the texture of the juice like velvet!

You can go to Walmart and get an inexpensive juicer and make some yourself – try it, it will change your life!

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Great Surprise: Using Endorphins as a Workout Reward

We have all heard about the runner’s high and I always thought that was reserved for people who rang long races and were in great shape.  But a funny thing happened to me last week.   I got my first big endorphin rush!

And I’m probably older than you, and trying to get in shape, but still need to lose more than 30 pounds.

My fitness program always starts with a long walk with my two beagles, Roxy and Kerry in the early morning.  The earlier the better.  I love the stillness of the mornings, the quiet of the neighborhood, without everyone racing around.  And, best of all, the sun is not high overhead yet so I stay cooler.

I have slowly been adding in the jogging, gradually getting more and more intense, walking a little less and jogging a little longer.   The beagles are getting in shape, too, and I often to have to yell “Look at the squirrel!”  to keep them going all the way to the end.

I noticed last week when I missed one of these walk/jogs, that I felt fuzzy and not right all day.  Finally, I realized it was because I have become addicted to the endorphin rush I get first thing in the morning.

Now that I know what it is,  I can almost tell you the exact moment when it kicks in – and it’s something I never got from just walking.   I felt better after a long walk.  I felt healthier and proud of myself for getting up and doing the long walks, but that is as different as day and night from the wonderful feeling I get from the jogging and sweating.

Now I bounce out of the house in the morning because I know I have something wonderful to look forward too.  And it only takes me about 15 minutes now to trigger the rush.  So I am looking forward to discovering other wonderful surprises as I keep jogging, keep losing weight, and watching out for those squirrels!


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